Synth-pop artist, Local Nomad,
releases new video, “Summertime,”
via a premiere on Under the Radar

Remix by Smallpools coming soon

Listen to the EP, LOCAL NOMAD

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“Summertime” by Local Nomad
“The video conjures the tracks’ duality of nostalgia one feels for the lost days of youth with the dayglo bombast of new wave synths and blissful pop hooks.” – Under the Radar
“An exquisite juxtaposition between the melancholy lyrics and the carefree composition.” – EARMILK
“Sweltering electro-pop… Synth leads evocative of 80s new wave paired with contemporary, progressive songwriting.” – The Deli Magazine
“Shimmering with an ’80s rock veneer.” – Variance Magazine
(New York, NY) Synth-pop artist, Local Nomad, has released the new video, “Summertime,” via a premiere with Under the Radar. “Summertime” is the fifth video from his recently released self-titled EP, and is the first time Local Nomad himself has appeared in one of his music videos.
The pseudonym of multi-instrumentalist, Michael Desmond, Local Nomad melds Paul Simon’s ‘70s aesthetic and the pop sensibility of Gnarls Barkley for an irresistibly catchy soundtrack to rapid change. “The idea for this EP was born out of a turbulent time in my life,” Michael says. “I had gotten out of a six-year relationship, my artist name was stolen by someone I knew, my uncle passed away in a tragic accident, and I was gigging full-time while simultaneously working a day job to afford to finish up my college degree. I lost my balance, felt the weight of the world and I couldn’t find the comforts that come with a sense of home. I was at a crossroads and, I don’t want to say I was having a mid-life crisis, but I felt the need to get a lot of things off my chest.” LOCAL NOMAD just dropped in July 2020 and has received acclaim from media outlets such as The Wild Honey Pie, EARMILK, Pancakes and Whiskey, The Deli Magazine, Variance Magazine, and many more. In addition, the song “Love is Gone” landed on the Spotify playlist, The New Alt.
A native of Long Island, NY, Michael and his orchestral indie-rock band, Gabriel the Marine, garnered regional attention and later performed nationwide with bands like Taking Back Sunday, Glassjaw, Mew, Jacks Mannequin, and The Dear Hunter. On LOCAL NOMAD, he returns as a blue-eyed soul dipped crooner, whose narrative lyrics combine with inviting elements of the future.
Playing every instrument on the EP beside drums, Michael found inspiration in his childhood, family and friends, taking an honest look at relationships, and finding joy even when there is pain. “Summertime,” for example, embraces a simpler time, the little joys of younger days. “Growing up, baseball was a huge part of my childhood and it actually saved my life,” Michael says. “If it wasn’t for baseball, I probably wouldn’t have discovered that I had a tumor, which could have potentially left me paralyzed. Despite the challenges I faced as a kid with my surgery, these were the golden years. I’ll always remember how easy life was, even when things were not the greatest. I’ll always remember summertime and what it meant to me growing up.”
“Local Nomad is the resistance of sedentary life,” Michael says of his moniker. “It’s about seeking the strange and embracing the unknown. Wondering. Wandering. Young and Old. Everywhere and Nowhere. As cliche as it may sound – when I pick up a guitar and sing it’s the only time I feel at home.”
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Local Nomad by Christina Fiorino
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