Nu Deco Ensemble - Outkast Suite
“sonically spellbinding”
– Billboard
“Will captivate your eyes and ears”
“a chamber orchestra for the 21st century”
– The New York Times
“Nu Deco Ensemble is an off-the-beaten-classical-hall-track orchestra that focuses on adapting the work of living composers and collaborating with musicians, choreographers, dancers and mixed media artists from a variety of genres.”
– Variety
The innovative hybrid orchestra, Nu Deco Ensemble, reimagine the music of Outkast in their latest live performance video, titled “Outkast Suite: A Symphonic Portrait.” Nu Deco Ensemble is quickly becoming known for their reimagining of iconic contemporary artists.
The new video finds the 30-piece orchestra performing a symphonic suite of some of Outkast’s greatest hits, including “Rosa Parks,” “Humble Mumble,” and“Hey Ya!”
“Outkast pushes and pulls, and at times even steps outside the boundaries of hip-hop, which is one of the many reasons we are such fans and that their music has become a key part of our repertoire.” Nu Deco Ensemble’s co-founder Sam Hyken remarks.
Similarly, Nu Deco Ensemble’s core mission is to create compelling and transformative genre-bending musical experiences that inspire, enrich, and connect new and diverse audiences and artists.
“Outkast manage to both innovate with styles, lyricism, and melodies, but apply and fuse the genres of funk, jazz, drum and bass, techno, and even Broadway into a whole new, distinctively original sound” Jacomo Bairos, Nu Deco Ensemble’s co-foudner adds.
About Nu Deco Ensemble:
Since its inception in 2015, Nu Deco Ensemble has exploded onto Miami’s eclectic music scene captivating audiences, holistically engaging with its community and fusing innovative, genre-bending orchestral performances and collaborations with the highest levels of musical artistry. Nu Deco is reimagining a fresh vision of what an orchestra can achieve in the 21st century. Created by two of classical music’s most in-demand artists, Jacomo Bairos and Sam Hyken, Nu Deco Ensemble is a flexible and innovative hybrid orchestra that celebrates living composers, reimagines all genres of music, and collaborates with a wide range of diverse musical guests, composers, choreographers, dancers, and mixed media artists.
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