Dear Friends of New Music New College,
New Music New College is looking forward to an exciting future. In upcoming seasons, we will focus on creating powerful and meaningful concert experiences by presenting today’s performers and composers who are working at new music’s cutting edge. To borrow a phrase from Marshall McLuhan, new music is “indispensable perceptual training”-you might learn something new about yourself, the environment, the world, through an encounter with new music. On the other hand, new music can also be pure sensual pleasure, with no other justification. No matter what you take away from our events, we are thankful that you are a part of our journey.
I am honored to begin my first season as the Director of New Music New College this fall. It is particularly enjoyable to continue and extend the work of Steve Miles, whose incredible vision built this series over the past twenty years. We are looking forward to a moment to celebrate all that Steve has done. We will be in touch with you about those plans and hope that you will be able to join us.
Steve and I recently sat down with Susan Rife of the Sarasota Herald Tribune, and talked about the series’ outlook. Susan rendered the conversation beautifully in an article titled “New Days for New Music New College“.
We will be in touch with you very soon announcing performances for our 2020-2021 season. We have plans to make these events accessible to all in the time of the coronavirus, and are grateful for the excellent support for the series that the New College administration is giving. We are also still planning to present the final planned event of our last season, the JACK Quartet, in a livestreamed concert.
We again thank you for your invaluable and steadfast support of New Music New College, and can’t wait to continue sharing these concerts with you all.
Mark Dancigers

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