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Just the Two of Us

Work Phone: (718) 612-5030


A musical project that brings together two artists of recognized talent, with the aim of eliciting the deepest emotions of their audience.
Annie Addington, vocalist and composer, who graduated from the Conservatory of Music SUNY Purchase, with a postgraduate double master’s degree in Jazz Performance and Composition, built her career promoting numerous projects that took her and her music to Europe, Russia and the United States.
Annie is now working with the excellent pianist and arranger Jamil Ghattas, a Brazilian who has become a reference in quality and performance of musical works aimed at the most diverse styles.
On the keys of his piano and keyboard, Jamil builds a musical universe rich in details and personalized timbres. He creates an ideal environment for Annie to enter with her voice and artistic interpretation, in order to captivate their listeners and capture feelings that only the beauty of music could express.

Graced with the technical ability to harmonize, while simultaneously developing contrabass lines and other magical arrangements, Jamil works alongside Annie bringing still other instrumental textures with the guitar and the bass, in addition to acting as vocal backing. The two form a real band with their wide variety of sounds and vocal performance.
Just the Two of Us presents itself as a pleasant walk through the most varied styles such as Jazz, Bossa Nova, Popular Brazilian Music (MPB), Classic Rock, Pop, R&B and Blues.
They offer excellent sound quality, technique and a high level of interpretation. Having a duet of this level will certainly make your event a great success, and something for the most demanding audience to really appreciate.


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