In July of 2020, newcomers Maggie Miles and the duo Manic. collaborated to make a single that captures the loneliness of loving. The track, titled “Nothing With You”, is the first single off Manic.’s upcoming debut EP will be released August 21, 2020. Maggie Miles and Manic. make for a perfect blend of dark and edgy pop. “Nothing With You” is an anthemic song we all need in this time period.
The music video showcases the three artists in a nostalgic and dark alt pop fusion. The videos’ captivating scenes give an all too familiar feeling to the viewer displaying the young and reckless side of the artists that makes you feel as though you’re in a coming of age film.

Manic. is a pop rock band formed in 2015 by writer/multi-instrumentalist/frontman Nicholas (Bedhead) Banos in Arvada, CO. Now based in Nashville, TN, the group consists of Bedhead & guitarist/songwriter/ vocalist Liam B. Smith (aka: Sly Boy). The duo blends together an array of genres, drawing influence from 80’s pop, alternative rock, grunge, r&b, blues, new wave, jazz, hip hop, industrial rock, & dark pop. The band’s work focuses on different dichotomies by creating both hifi & lofi soundscapes & marring them with image & sometimes spoken word. The band’s first single, “Gone”, debut early 2019 via Alternative Press and has over 135,000 streams on Spotify alone.

Much like some of her peers, Maggie Rogers and Billie Eilish, Maggie Miles exudes authenticity which the modern generation is desperately craving. Originally from the Western Hills of Northern Virginia, she then moved to Nashville to pursue music full time. Maggie grew up on the soulful vocals of vintage artists but has found 90s grunge to be a major source of inspiration as of late. She meshes all of her influences together with pounding, anthemic instrumentals to create a sound that’s all her own. In her music, she addresses the conflicts of life through sharp-hitting lyrics textured in alternative rhythms with pop sensibilities that paint a compelling picture of our imperfect existence. The contrast of her jangly sounds and perceptive lyrics are a result of her commitment to connectivity through the honest expression of the human condition. She shares, “I make music for the utter reason alone that I need to create something for myself that makes sense, when nothing else around me does.”

This collaboration is a perfect blend of melancholy lyrics about love and alternative lo-fi pop. Manic. and Maggie Miles’ creation of “Nothing With You” is a raw and honest take on life, and the video is the perfect portrait of youth stuck at home this summer in quarantine.

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