Heather Porcaro’s new song, “Charleston,” is a dream-like and jazzy love letter to a former time. From a whirlwind of horns, keys, and melodies emerges Porcaro’s ethereal vocals, structuring a tune with haunting familiarity. It’s a number that transports its listeners to a space unrestricted by time or expectations, with a melody that lingers even after it’s gone. “Charleston” is the third single to be released by Porcaro following “All Hands On Deck” and “Oh No!
Written in 2019 after Porcaro returned to music as her primary mode of self-expression, the song reflects her lifetime of training and jazz sensibility while keeping her tendency to push genre boundaries at the fore. Written together with her cousin Christopher, “Charleston” addresses the heavy theme of his brother’s suicide, and the last conversation Porcaro shared with him. All at once, it acknowledges past, present, and future in a way that only Porcaro, with her extensive musical understanding could express.
Heather Porcaro is a multi-talented artist, singer, and songwriter. A fourth generation musician, she takes an avant-garde approach to her classical training, with wide and varying influences spanning Pop, Jazz, Folk, and Rock. Her buttery, alto voice embarks listeners on a surreal and poetic journey through the everyday, with quirky lightheartedness and contagious energy. Thematically, her songs explore the bizarre nature of life, temporality, and human emotions.
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