“A cosmic meditation.”
“A must-listen. Haunting and atmospheric.”
(FEBRUARY 25, 2021) – Denton, TX-based psychedelic folk-rock and dream-pop duo, Field Division, share their new blissfully ethereal single, “Manifest.” Written on the edge of a breakdown, a stream of consciousness style, “Manifest” conjures up a contemplative dreamscape, a brilliant starry sky illuminating the darkness. “I see the Stars align, see it in my mind, I manifest” sings Evelyn Taylor, hoping her affirmations bring peace to those hoping to manifest a better future for themselves and the world.
Evelyn Taylor and Nick Frampton of Field Division share:
“‘Manifest” came to be in late 2019 as Nick and I recorded a live jam at home. He was on drums and I was on a vintage Yamaha keyboard when we landed on a mesmerizing 6/8 groove. It felt like the stars were aligning for us to create this song. We channeled that cosmic and ethereal energy to create a soundscape that was both dreamy and supportive of our vision on the theme of manifesting. The heaviness of the last year is felt in the melodies and vocal delivery, however the message is how positive thinking and self-awareness of your dreams can help you visualize the future you desire. The lyrics reflect a time when I was suffering from depression and what helped me was acknowledging that the way I direct my thoughts and energy is powerful.”
Field Division is Evelyn Taylor and Nicholas Frampton. The Denton, TX, duo, deliver a timeless collection of songs with their debut LP, Dark Matter Dreams, and debut EP, Reverie State, that will make you think you’re back in hazy, Laurel Canyon. Taylor’s ethereal vocals are complemented by Frampton’s tight harmonies and superb guitar playing, with each taking the lead on a song àla Buckingham Nicks, their chemistry weaving a path through the music on stage.
The recordings and live full band (featuring members of Midlake) create a dreamscape that showcases the depths of Taylor and Frampton as more than just singer-songwriters. With the power to transport the listener to another often otherworldly place and time, their songs explore themes of transcendence and peace, depression, and darkness.
Since 2013, Field Division has toured all over the States, the UK, and EU, and have appeared at festivals such as SXSW, CMJ, 80/35, Hinterland, MissionCreek, Oaktopia, GDP, Indiestad & Reeperbahn. Notable acts they’ve opened for include: Spoon, Delta Rae, Chris Stills, Horse Feathers, Josh Rouse, Erika Wennerstrom, Holly Macve, Israel Nash, and Widowspeak.
Nearly two years on from when their debut LP, Dark Matter Dreams was released by UK label Bella Union, Field Division began self-releasing new singles in early 2020: “Black Velvet Skies,” a song offering peace in the midst of relentless modern disillusionment, a George Harrison cover of “Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth), and “Star Where Are You,” an ethereal meditation on loss with vibes reminiscent of The Beatles and Pink Floyd.
With the energy of a new year around us, Field Division are ready for “Manifest” to be released into the universe. Here’s to dreaming up and working towards a more peaceful reality.
For more information about Field Division, connect with them on social media @fielddivision.
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