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Rosemarie Hertlein

Violin, Voice, Solo Ukulele, Music Theory
Work Phone: (718) 815-9168


Preferred Student Level:

Teaching Studio Location: Staten Island, NY 10301
Online only

Education/Training: Meistersingger Konservatorium, Nuremberg, Germany; concert activity

Rosemarie (Rosi) Hertlein
Academic Credentials, Germany:
-Bachelor of Arts, University, Hamburg
-Meistersinger Konservatorium, Nuremberg
-High School for graphic and design, Nuremberg

Rosi Hertlein’s musical background is divided equally between the worlds of improvisation and contemporary classical. Her written music and free improvisation flow seamlessly into one another, with the music often keyed to the attributes of specific versatile players.

Rosi has been lauded as an “astonishing violinist and singer (…), destined for great things.”(the penguin guide to jazz on CD fifth edition, 2001) “…Hertlein is a player of resilient technique…” Joe Milazzo

Rosi has recorded and performed with ensembles large and small, with such well-known artists as Joe McPhee, Pauline Oliveros, Susi Ibarra, Baikida Carroll, Cecil Taylor, Reggie Workman, Adam Rudolph, Howard Johnson, Charles Burnham, Steve Swell, Joseph Kubera, Perry Robinson, Ivo Perelman, John Esposito, Kristen Norderval and John Tchicai to name a few.

On October 14th, 2009, radio station WKCR featured her work in a 3 hour-long musical portrait plus interview and live recording; and again, on June 5th, 2012, her entire concert “The Art Of Art Songs And Free Improvisation” was broadcast in another 3-hour show at WKCR.

She received a “meet the composer’s creative connections” grant for her collaboration with the Wendy Osserman Dance Company in 2007. She received a “meet the composer grant” for music performed in the “New Dance Alliance Performance Mix Festival” with dancer Nuria Divi in 2004; and she received the prestigious Ledig House grant to participate in the international residency for musicians and composers in Omi, NY in 1999.

Work for Theatre:
She worked as Production Assistant to composer Baikida Carroll for several theater productions including “The Oedipus Plays” in 2001, “Uncle Vanya” in 2003, the 2008 production of “A Seagull in the Hamptons” by Emily Mann, and “The Piano Lesson” in 2016.

Ms. Hertlein also continues to conduct master classes in improvisation at universities and teaches violin and vocals at music- and public schools; To accommodate the individual students needs, Ms. Hertlein’s teaching technique are based on classical methods as well as improvisational approaches.

-“Giving Birth to Sound”: Women in Creative Music”; Publisher: Buddy’s Knife 2015
-“Outside Music, Inside Voices: Dialogues on Improvisation and the Spirit of Creative Music” Publisher: Mimesis International 2016
-“Blue Door Quarterly”, Journal of Literature and Art, published some of her poetry and visual artwork in volumes 1.1, 2014, and 1.3, 2015.


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