Meet our Educators!

Welcome to the Educators Directory!  Please contact teachers directly for lessons scheduling.  All those listed work independently and offer their own private studio spaces in person &/or online, and through our Muzie.Live dedicated online portals.  General information and referrals may be requested via Musiconnections. Contact Musiconnections Contact.

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Annie Addington

Voice Lessons: Beginner & Intermediate, Beginning Violin, Recorder (any level), Voice Sessions for Creative Release.
Work Phone: 718-612-5030

Joani Bruce

Piano, Keyboard
Work Phone: 407-756-6243

Rosemarie Hertlein

Violin, Voice, Solo Ukulele, Music Theory
Work Phone: (718) 815-9168

Karen Lee

Music Theory, Piano, Recorder
Work Phone: 321-701-3279 Website:

Rafael Silva

Clarinet, Flute, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric, Music Theory, Piano, Saxophone
Work Phone: (941) 306-6930
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