Eastman Community Music School (ECMS) will now offer an online AP® Music Theory course. Specifically designed for high school students, the 34-week, College Board- approved AP® Music Theory course provides students with a college level written and aural skills experience designed to prepare them for the AP® Music Theory examination. This year-long course focuses on music literacy, analytical training, and aural development through written and aural skills components, and will be offered completely online.

Weekly Zoom office sessions will allow for frequent student-to-student and student-to-teacher interaction. Online music theory worksheets, aural skills exercises, multimedia quizzes, and lecture videos will provide students with formative feedback and assessment. Students will receive thorough exam preparation and test-taking tips throughout the course.
The asynchronous environment will allow students to access materials at any time, providing for deeper continued interaction with the course content delivered by a combination of reading assignments, engaging, and multi-feed instructional videos. The course cost will include access to the eBook and digital resources from The Musician’s Guide to Theory and Analysis (Clendinning/Marvin). Digitally rich resources such as quizzes and interactive worksheets will provide students with comprehensive practice throughout the course. Students will receive personalized audio and video feedback. The instructor will also demonstrate performance concepts.
For students at the Eastman Community Music School, this rigorous course will earn credit for Fundamental Musicianship: Theory & Aural Skills 1 and Fundamental Musicianship: Aural Skills 2, fulfilling equivalent of one year music theory requirement of the ECMS Diploma.  The ECMS Diploma is a comprehensive program that exposes high school students to every aspect of musical study and provides a path to personal musical enrichment, as well as a jump start on the collegiate music experience. Additionally, students are able to request a transcript from the Eastman School of Music registrar’s office to submit along with their high school transcripts on college applications.
Restricted to high-school students, AP® Music Theory provides a college-level written theory and aural skills experience designed to prepare for the AP® Music Theory examination. For a full course description, including costs, materials, schedule and more, please visit: https://www.esm.rochester.edu/community/ap-music-theory/
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