About Us

As a private piano teacher in a prominent music studio in my hometown, and a general music teacher for many years in the public school system, I have shared a love of music with students of all ages. It came as an enormous challenge then, when encountered with mandates to quarantine for an extended period of time during the pandemic of 2020, to give up our time in studios, classrooms, recital halls, and concert stages. For most, daily life seemed at a stand-still while everyone learned to try and continue with a semblance of work, school, shopping, entertainment to find creative ways to accomplish it all online.

Musiconnections came about as a way to stay in touch; to provide shared spaces that would prove to be consistent venues and work places for the pursuit of everything music. Immediately it became clear that lessons and access to music artists could continue to thrive in personal, productive, and even more creative ways than before. In addition, the sheer convenience of having the resources provided here anytime and anywhere would become invaluable tools to students, parents, and teachers alike.

Welcome to Musiconnections! Here it is hoped that you will enjoy exploring possibilities in your own music education pursuits, and perusing these pages for resources and enjoyment with the flexibility that this online venue provides. From the comfort of your own home or while enjoying a vacation out of town, the excitement of learning and the pleasure of performance can continue on your own terms. From shopping for equipment and books on our Learning Tools page, to engaging in private or group lessons, your journey can continue regardless of where you are!

Thank you for stopping by to take a look at the many resources offered here. Please consider joining in by registering your contact information with questions that you may have; it will be a pleasure to discuss your music interests and provide you with opportunities to get started connecting with us musically.

Best wishes,

Karen Lee



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