“A raucous, poignant palate of sound.”
 American Songwriter
“A found catharsis in giant splashes of guitar and choppy rhythms.”
“The Only Ocean has succeeded in gifting a song that is an encapsulation of even a sliver of that shared emotion.”
Impose Magazine on “Watch It Fall”
“An overwhelming barrage of indie rock with sprinkles of psychedelia and shoegaze.”
Clunk Magazine
Mystic Sons
Rising Los Angeles atmospheric alternative rock quartet, The Only Ocean are excited to share their new track “Wasted Days” today via Side Hustle Records. “Wasted Days” is the second single, following the first, “Watch It Fall” from their upcoming LP expected to be released in 2021.
Recorded, mixed, and produced by Jonathan DeBaun (The Mars Volta, Mastodon, Antemasque, Le Butcherettes), “Wasted Days” is a dark rock dance song with driving drums and bass combined with guitars that greet with a dark melody. It is complemented with a haunting verse and an anthemic chorus that takes inspiration from The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, and Echo and the Bunnymen. Wesley Hill of The Only Ocean shares, “‘Wasted Days” is about wasting all your time on someone and knowing that nothing is going to come from it. Realizing you’ve wasted so many days and you’ll never get them back. All the time you could have spent growing, you spent going nowhere. If anything it made you worse. Sometimes walking away from someone can actually be better for the both of you. Some people aren’t just meant to be no matter how hard you try.”
Wish I’d never taken your hand
Pull me deep into your demands
Lead to place were no one can stand
You’re always laughing the joke never lands
Conversations descend into stares
Your act is good but seem unaware
Why have you brought me so far from nowhere?
What’s the point you’re a wreck I know I can’t repair
Wasted days you are inside my head
Don’t you know you weighed me down so long
Slip away you let me drift and sway
Either way I walk away from wasted days
Breaking the old chains off my wrist
Dream a delusion you’ll be missed
And if you persist you’re not own my list of necessary things to do
Whatever you insist won’t be hard to resist what you are going through
With a steady stream of buzz-worthy singles, EP’s that have received rave reviews, and a new, re-energized line-up, the L.A alternative-rock band The Only Ocean is making waves in L.A’s music scene. Formed in Lompoc, CA, during bandleader Wesley Hill’s high school days, the band has evolved from an auspicious bedroom solo-project to a flourishing four-piece that’s carved out its own unique place within the sea of playlists and festival stages in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara, eventually settling further south in Los Angeles, where all four members are from originally and their sound has continued to evolve and deepen with the addition of new members guitarist Tamara Simons, drummer Jonathan Palmquist, and bassist Jordan Kaufman. Bandleader Wesley Hill’s love of the loud, wall-of-sound guitars of shoegaze favorites My Bloody Valentine and Ride, as well as the infectious pop rhythms of the Spice Girls has found a kindred spirit in Jonathan DeBaun (The Mars Volta, Omar Rodríguez-López, Antemasque, Mastodon, and Rituals Of Mine, Le Butcherettes) who has engineered, produced, and mixed all of their music to date. From 2015’s self-titled debut, it’s vulnerable, mature follow-up, TOO, singles such as 2017’s “Good Morning” 2018’s “Replaceable”, which found a stronger emphasis on rhythm and experiments with the production, opting for a style uncommon to alternative rock music, to last year’s “Fake Sunflowers”, their larger-than-life Still You Won’t EP and their newest singles “Watch It Fall” and “Wasted Days,” this fruitful creative partnership between The Only Ocean and DeBaun as a band AND producer show no signs of slowing down.
All the while The Only Ocean has went from Hill’s brainchild as a four-piece hometown favorite, as a trio, and a solo-venture has led them to return back to a tight energetic touring quartet with releases that are consistent not only in quality, but in praise, earning features in Grimy Goods, Impose Magazine, Northern Transmissions, Alternative Press for 2018’s “Replaceable”, a song whose lyrics were inspired by Hill’s own struggles with body dysmorphia and anorexia and was featured as part of their “10 New Songs You Need to Hear this Week”, to last year’s single “Still You Won’t” being heard in regular rotation on KROQ’s “Locals Only with Kat Corbett”, where it was voted #1 for three weeks and remained within the top 5 for seven weeks straight. The band has continued to record and tour at its own steady pace, supporting acts such as Cherry Glazerr, Dante Elephante, and Sure Sure and recently performed as a featured artist as part of Buzzbands.LA’s “Artists to Watch 2020” showcase earlier this January, in what has shaped up to be another promising start to another year together as a band..
Founded in 2019, Side Hustle Records is a digital label comprised of the music industry veterans at Big Hassle Media. Not tied to any one genre or style, but rather to musical artistry in all its forms, everyone at Side Hustle has set their sights on advancing artists’ careers in any way they can. Side Hustle Records is distributed exclusively by The Orchard. Look out for more exciting releases from Side Hustle in the coming months.
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